And The Weekly Page has been my happy place on the internet for nearly four (!!!) years. This little “newsletter” has been consistently hitting thousands of inboxes each week, delivering productivity tips, thought-provoking suggestions, my weekly roundups, and hopefully — a laugh or two!

Moving this project over to Substack is an exciting move that I hope will continue to foster the amazing conversation and community that has grown with each weekly edition — while also allowing me to create high-quality content for you in a way that feels authentic and sustainable for me.

My goal is to deliver a curated, motivating, and thoughtful letter to your inbox each week for free, while building a vault of valuable corresponding posts and resources that you can tap into as a paid subscriber. I want to help you refocus for the week ahead with actionable advice for sustainable productivity, digital organization, and healthy habit formation. ✌🏻♥📝 I’m so grateful you’re here — in whatever capacity you’re able to show up!

About Dani Bruflodt

I spent over a decade as a Social Media Strategist for national beauty and skincare brands, working with up to 8 clients at a time (😅). *This* was when I got really good at digital organization, productivity, and — TBH — staying sane in the era of Instagram and TikTok.

To keep it all together, I often found myself creating tools — planners, trackers, calendars + more. Over time, they evolved into a thoughtful product collection I launched in 2011. My small-batch paper goods studio, The Daily Page, has now completed nearly 30,000 sales to date. All of my products are sustainably created on a woman-owned printing press in my home state of Minnesota, using FSC-certified papers. Shop them here.

Mastering the chaos and overwhelm also led me to develop my own bespoke productivity system I call The HONEYS Method. I launched it as an online course in 2022 and have taught over 450 students to date (get on the waitlist for my next group program).

Being forever fascinated by the intersection of work and wellness, in 2023, I went “back to school” and am now a trained Wellness Coach through the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. Expanding my understanding of motivation, behavior change, and habit formation has been fundamental to this next phase of my work.

Personal Tidbits

I’m a proud American and even prouder Midwesterner (you betcha!) who is currently living abroad in the “happiest country in the world” — Denmark. Navigating life outside the US and observing European work culture as a recovering hustle-culture-boss-babe has truly humbled and challenged me in ways I can only write about with a paywall (😂).

When I’m not writing or creating, you’ll find me on my bike, in a kayak, reading a book along the canal, registering voters (👊🏻), or taking my dog for a long walk.

Don’t Miss a Thing

One thing I am looooving about Substack is the versatility! You can receive the weekly newsletter direct to your email inbox, but you can also catch-up via the website or by downloading the Substack App. As a long-time Substack user, I love keeping up with my favorite writers and creators through the app — it’s like they’re creating content just for me and I appreciate being able to leave comments, ask questions, and interact. You can download it here.

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Dani Bruflodt 

Hey there -- I'm Dani! Systems and efficiency expert, energy optimizer, and creator of tools for achieving sustainable productivity, digital organization, and healthy habit formation. ✌🏻♥📝